When Man Accepts What He Has Been Told is Money…

by Alberto Veronese – May 4, 2013

Money – what is it?

To whom does money belong? why does money have any value?
Just like anything money must begin somewhere, doesn’t it?

How is Mr. Robinson Crusoe going to overcome scarcity?
Would he be striking his own coins?

Well, with no people around,
there’s no use for money…

There’s nothing that money can do for him.
Once again, let’s ask ourselves:

Where does money begin?
Is money an earthly good?

Would he have to be a gold-digger,
in order to obtain the goods that he needs to live?

What, then, gives money it’s value?
Is it People?

Is it people’s capacity to improve their
quality of life through mutual exchange?

Or, is it that many of us just accept
“what we have been told is money?”

Where’s the money that we lack,
in order to buy the goods that are not lacking?

The Robinsons are the owner of money,
Fridays are only the borrowers.


One thought on “When Man Accepts What He Has Been Told is Money…

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