Money Is Not an Act of Saving

by Alberto Veronese

a debit/credit spreadsheet does not allow any “savings”
to save some numbers on a balance sheet makes no sense:
– money is not an act of saving.

if you don’t spend money
you haven’t consumed anything yet, nor
did you become any wealthier…

money, by itself, does not store wealth,
money is just a unit of account, nothing else
it measures the value (price) of goods or services we supply

money is a double entry book-keeping
– all money is matched by an equal amount of debt:
if it is someone’s financial asset, then it is another’s liability.

money is a credit for the seller and a debt for the buyer.
if all sellers withhold and save the buyers debts,
the buyers will not find the necessary money to clear their debt.

only government can spend money into existence (its currency):
The National Debt is all the money the government has spent,
and nobody has used it, thus far, to pay taxes

The National Debt is the total net savings of the global economy,
it is an outstanding tax credit which benefits the 99.9%,
because low and middle-income workers want to save.

the vast majority of government spending
increases disposable incomes and stimulates spending.
federal spending cuts make only the 0.1% richer…

… … …

… … …

mathematics is a process not a sum

if democracy means peace, justice and stability, then its currency is stable, fair and provides a basic income to all

… … …


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