The Humans and The Availability of Money

by Alberto Veronese, November 18, 2017.

(money is a cognitive operation – knowledge vs money)

All the money the government has in its bank accounts belongs to all the people living in that country. All debts the government has in its bank accounts also belong to all its people.

Either way, money is a functional relation of compensation between accounting operations involved in human (and in non-human) economic transactions.

When a human being enters the age of performing some composite cognitive activity (i.e. the capability of remembering, the process of thinking), one of the things that a child learns very quickly is the task and duty involved in obtaining and storing money.

Unfortunately, hence this human being becomes an adult citizen, its cognitive processes involved in obtaining and storing knowledege, is devotedly restricted to obtaining and storing money, leading to muddled thinking through life.

Without knowing where the next coin is coming from, depriving him of the real things that money can’t buy, losing the ability to fully experience life, to enjoy the people of the world.

Human perception, its mental capacity of learning and reasoning are its best endeavor of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought and real life experiences – it is man’s higher cognitive process; a reasonable action and effort that presuppose the availability of knowledge and put it to use.

So in every human and non-human economic transactions, all accounting operation should presuppose the availability of money, and to be spent to use.



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