Tales of Money


• “The fiscal balance is not a ‘living entity’” – October 16. 2018 by Alberto Veronese

• “The Human and The Availability of Money” – November 18. 2017, by Alberto Veronese

• “‘Moneis’ Have Nothing To Do With Gold” – September 22. 2017, by Alberto Veronese

• “The String Theory of Money” – February 27. 2016, by Alberto Veronese

• “Money Is Not an Act of Saving” – Dezember 30. 2015, by Alberto Veronese

• “Die Arbeit, der Lohn… und das Geld” – Dezember 6. 2015, by Indra Spuler, Alberto Veronese

• “Ob jung oder alt” – März 14. 2015, by Indra Spuler
• “Im Zaum Gehalten” – April 19. 2014, by Unter Uns Eseln
• “Such, Such – Die Parabel von den 100 Hunden und den 95 Knochen März 15. 2014, by Unter Uns Hunden

• “When Man Accepts What He Has Been Told is Money…” – May 4th, 2013, by Alberto Veronese
• “Money, One of the “Dynamic Forces” that Act in Economy” – March 8th, 2013, by Alberto Veronese
• “Father Gold, Mother Money” – November, 2012, by Alberto Veronese

What is Money? – by A. Mitchell-Innes, 1913
Modern Monetary Theory – by Pavlina Tcherneva, March 31, 2015

Warren Mosler – Austerity, The 7 Frauds
Stephanie Kelton – What is Money, Debt and Democracy?
Paolo Barnard – Explains Modern Monetary Theory
Alan Greenspan, The Source of All Money
J. M. Keynes, When the Day of Peace Comes
The Nixon Shock
The Powell Memo


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